Make Christmas Shopping Easy With These 5 Tips

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December can fly by in a blink of an eye. With celebrations, excitement and a to-do list longer than your arm, it is a bit of a blur of activities. Whilst it can fill us with joy, it can also feel a little overwhelming.

Here at The Christmas Lovers’ Club we want you to enjoy the festive season with as little stress as possible. Which is why we have created this list of 5 top tips to help you with smooth sailing Christmas shopping.

1.Start Early

It can be all to tempting to save your gift shopping until December, when you can soak in the atmosphere, but this can also apply a lot of pressure to find the perfect gift for everyone in just 24 days!

With Christmas decorations and gifts trickling into the shops in October, make the most of this extra time and get some of those presents ticked off of your list! This can also help keep you on budget. For our tips on creating and sticking to your Christmas budget, click here.

2. Create a “Wishlist”  Group

It can be hard to find a gift for the teenager who only seems to grunt when you ask them what they want for Christmas, or the person who has it all. So why not ask them to create a wishlist?

thingstogetme.com is a free website, with a downloadable app, where you can create a wishlist, adding items from any website then share it with family and friends. They can then see what you are hoping for, and tick off the items that they have brought you, so you don’t end up with the same present twice!

This helps take all of the guessing work out of Christmas, why not suggest you all set one up, so you can see what they really want!

3. Make a Food List

We have all gone to food shopping with a mental list or a hungry stomach, and arrived home with hardly anything apart from yummy snacks! So ask yourself, what do you really need to make this Christmas dinner special? Create a list (when you aren’t hungry) and stick to it. Be sure to take it with you, you may find a Christmas planner helpful!

4. Check the Calendar

If there are people you are seeing first, make sure you have those presents ready and waiting first. The people you don’t spend time with on Christmas day can mean as much to you, but can get forgotten or the event overlooked when you are planning your Christmas shopping.

Be sure to write everything you are doing down and keep an eye on those weeks slipping away!

5. Get an idea of what gifts you are looking for

Who else is guilty of thinking we will know the perfect present “when we see it”? This often leaves us wondering aimlessly around shop after shop, or scrolling through the internet for hours, only to grab something, anything at the last second.

Plan your presents, look at your list, who are you buying for? What might they want, like or need? If you aren’t sure do some detective work by asking family and friends, or try our Wonderland Gift Ideas. Gather a few ideas and narrow down your search before you start, this can be a great saver of time and stress!


Do you have a top tip that we have missed here? We would love to hear it! Email it to [email protected] or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram!

Happy Shopping everyone!


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