The world’s best Christmas markets

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If you are looking for an adventure this Christmas, why not visit some of the worlds best Christmas Markets!

  • Strasbourg. Strasbourg is France’s Christmas capital, and its market is huge. There are over 300 stalls selling everything from handmade wooden crafts to Christmas trees. But despite its size and popularity, Strasbourg has managed to avoid becoming too commercialised. Local and artisan producers rule the roost here, which is a refreshing change from the same old stalls which have cornered much of the European Christmas market…market. Plus, Strasbourg is very good indeed at creating a tasteful festive aesthetic. One for the conneiseur who enjoys originality and craftsmanship.
  • Bath. Bath Christmas market is arguably the prettiest in the UK. 200+ stalls set up along Bath’s quaint cobbled streets, lit by twinkly lights and wrought-iron braziers. If you’re looking for a Victorian-style Christmas experience, this is the market for you. Best of all, Bath market isn’t just about selling. The town turns the event into a kind of Christmas festival, with things like ice rinks, storytelling sessions, music and performing arts.
  • Vienna. The capital of Austria is the undisputed capital of Teutonic Christmas. Enjoy exquisite Christmas gingerbread and pastries while marvelling at the lengths Vienna goes to to celebrate the season. In addition to all the crafts and foods on offer, visitors can take a ride on a giant ferris wheel, or skate in the square by City Hall. If you want some baking inspiration (or just want to be awestruck at what some people are capable of) check out the intricate gingerbread houses on display. Each year, bakers compete to outdo one another and create the most breathtaking gingerbread creation.
  • Toronto. If you like your Christmases nice and cold, Canada will always oblige. Toronto Christmas market is held in the historic distillery district, which gets decked out with some lovely lights for the occasion. As well as the kinds of crafts and foods that you won’t find in Europe, Toronto likes to put on a show. Dances, parades, carol singing and much more all make Toronto Christmas market one of the best in the world.
  • Prague. Could anything be more Christmassy than the gigantic, brightly-lit Christmas tree in Wenceslas Square? Beautiful Prague is unbelievably Instagrammable and its Christmas market is gorgeous. They even have a living Nativity scene, with sheep and goats and donkeys which children can pet and feed (don’t worry – the animals are all well cared for and protected!) The chances of a white Christmas in the Czech Republic are also pretty high, which adds to the allure. Highly recommended!
  • Krakow. The Christmas season in Poland lasts for months, so (depending on who’s on the organising committee) you can sometimes visit this market into early January. Which is great for those who just can’t let the Christmas spirit go! The market takes place in the huge Rynek Glowny square, with a massive assortment of produce, food stalls, and crafts. There’s a pleasing emphasis on small, local, and up-and-coming artists as well, who will entertain and display their talents on a regular basis. Charmingly, local schoolchildren perform carols during the day.
  • Florence. Italy’s Rennaissance city is well known for its sun-drenched Tuscan beauty. But it may not be the first place you think of when considering a Christmas market. Well, think again. Florence’s Christmas market is a wonderful, colourful experience – particularly if you’re a foodie. The amount, range, and quality of food on offer here is so wonderful that the glorious mediaeval surroundings almost pale in comparison. Almost. And, while it can get a bit chilly in Florence in December, it’s nothing to the icy biting winds which assail Christmas market shoppers in the UK. Look out for trinkets and performers celebrating Befana the Christmas witch – Italy’s answer to Santa.

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