Eye-opening Easter Traditions From Around The World

Girls dress up as witches to find their easter eggs

Girls dress up as witches to find their easter eggs

If rolling eggs down a hill, or hiding them in bushes seems strange to you. You are properly right! However, it seems the whole world goes a little wild at Easter. Which one do you like the sound of, and which one will you definitely be avoiding?

Detecting in Norway

If you are a budding Sherlock Holmes, then Norway at Easter is where you want to be! Tv is crammed full of who-done-it shows, and a whole host of new detective novels are released just in time for the celebrations. This all started with the popularity of a crime novel in 1923, set on the Bergen railway. You will even find short stories on the side of milk cartons for the festivities! Best pack your detective cap and get on the case!

The Witches of Easter-wick

We are off to Finland for this next bizarre tradition! Here the children dress up as witches to go on their Easter hunt.

Greece’s red eggs

Whilst the rest of us enjoy chucking as much colour and patterns at our Easter eggs as possible, in Greece, you will only find red eggs! Red has a duel meaning here. Not only is it the colour of life, but it also symbolises the blood of Christ.

Why the Easter Bunny hides New Zealand!

As bunny’s are held in high esteem in the UK, over in New Zealand it is time for them to hide.

In Otago they use the holiday as a way to get rid of those that are seen as “invasive pests”. Over 500 hunters will compete to win the $NZ 3,500 prize money. Meaning 20,000 rabbits meet their end every year!

Śmigus-dyngus, or Wet Monday

Poland’s street come alive on Easter Monday, for the Śmigus-dyngus, tradition. Known as “wet Monday” people throw buckets of water over each other. Water guns, balloons, or any form of getting each other drenched is all part of the fun! Legend says that girls who get wet on Śmigus-dyngus, will marry within the year!

This all makes our egg obsession seem a little more normal, huh? How will you be celebrating Easter? Let us know at [email protected]


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