The Silent Language Of Flowers

bouquet of christmas flowers

Flowers today are often associated with a romantic gesture, or a pick me up for your mum. However, in previous years there has been more thought behind them. Each species of flower was assigned a hidden meaning. This made it a lot easier to say those things you feel deep inside, without having to find the right words.

The symbolic language of flowers can be traced back throughout the centuries in Asia and Europe. Mythologies, folklore and plays from the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Asians are all infused with flowers that enhance the story. It can come down to something as simple as a yes or a no. It is said if a questioned is asked, flowers given from the right hand is a yes, whilst the left is no.

The art of the silent language of flowers grew in popularity within the Victorian Era, with more flowers and meanings being added. Everything from the colour, condition, the way the ribbon is tied and even how the flowers are handed all had a greater meaning! This is not just for flowers, but herbs and plants also have a meaning.

If you are handed some fennel, they are trying to flatter you. Whereas a Yellow carnation may look pretty, but it actually means disdain, disappointment and rejection! Lavender today is linked with a goods night sleep, but the hidden flower meaning is actually distrust. Who knew gifting a plant could mean so much, but also get you in some hot water?
Here are just a handful of our favourite meanings. Once you read through this list, you will never look at a humble bunch of flowers the same!

Aloe – Affection, also grief
Aster – Symbol of Love, Daintiness
Sweet Basil – Good wishes
Camellia, pink – Longing For You
Camellia, red – You’re a Flame in My Heart
Camellia, white – You’re Adorable
White carnation – Innocence, pure love, women’s good luck gift
Chrysanthemum, red – I love you
Clover, white – Think of me
Coreopsis – Always cheerful
Daisy – Innocence, hope
Dill – Powerful against evil
Edelweiss – Courage, devotion
Gardenia – Secret love
Goldenrod – Encouragement, good fortune
Heliotrope – Eternal love, devotion
Hibiscus – Delicate beauty
Holly – Foresight
Honeysuckle – Bonds of love
White Hyacinth – Loveliness, prayers for someone
Jasmine, white – Sweet love, amiability
Jasmine, yellow – Grace and elegance
Lemon balm – Sympathy
Lily-of-the-valley – Sweetness, purity, pure love
Lotus Flower – Purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth
Marjoram – Joy and happiness
Peony – Bashful, happy life
Rhododendron – Danger, beware
Rose, red – Love, I love you
Rose, pink – Happiness
Rose, white – I’m worthy of you
Rose, yellow – Jealousy, decrease of love, infidelity
Tulip, red – Passion, declaration of love
Tulip, yellow – Sunshine in your smile

If the plant you are looking for isn’t in season, why not try a pressed version? You can find some beautiful jewellery with pressed flowers, or even find some pressed within glass frames. Why not include a note on the meaning behind the plant or flower? Showing such great thought and consideration in a gift is sure to win some hearts.

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