What Started Christmas In July?

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Christmas in July can just seem like a great excuse for that one friend who loves to host parties just to light the barbeque! And we mean, who could blame them. For the more cynical amongst you, it can also seem like a way for companies to start collecting your money way before the big day.

However, it all started in a lovely humbling way. We can find the first mention of a summery start to Christmas in the 1892 French opera, Werther, with the English translation coming shortly after in 1894. The story tells of a group of children practicing their Christmas songs in July.

On from here, we head across the sea’s to America, where an all girls summer camp can be found bringing festive cheer to the middle of the year. In 1935, the National Recreation Association’s journal, Recreation, featured an article on the Keystone Camp in Brevard, North Carolina. What started off as a small tradition in the camp, blossomed year after year. It included cotton as fake snow, Christmas carolling, Santa Claus and even hanging the laundry bags as make shift stockings, which would then be filled over night with sweets.

christmas in july film

Although the summer time tradition didn’t really snow ball out until the 1940 film release, Christmas In July. The comedy film shows a man’s colleagues playing a prank, making him believe he has won $25,000! You follow his heart warming journey of generosity, and finally proposing to his life-long love.

From here the Christmas in July celebrations grew! Now many shoppers use the opportunity to take advantage of great early bird deals, helping to spread the cost of Christmas. It has also become a big moment in the crafting calendar. When all hardcore makers start their long list of Christmas gifts and cards.

For now, we are off to light the barbeque and blast out our Ultimate Christmas Playlist!

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