Business terms & conditions

Christmas Lovers' Club - Business terms & conditions

Please ensure we have all of your most up to date contact details so we can let you know of any important updates regarding your subscription.  

Terms used:
The term ‘product listing’ refers to the arrangement between you and us (The Christmas Lovers’ Club) to receive a service or product via The Christmas Lovers’ Club regularly by paying in advance. This can include:

  • A Standard Wonderland listing 
  • A Gold Wonderland Listing 

Business requirements 
Businesses can be based anywhere in the world and can be a Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company, or other appropriate commercial enterprises.

Product listing delivery 
On purchase of a product listing, you will receive an email with instructions as to the information needed to create your product listing. Your listing cannot be completed until this information has been received.

We are happy to make changes to the listing upon request.

It is the client’s responsibility to provide this information and you will be charged irrespective if the information is sent to us.

If you wish to list more than one product you can do so with the purchase option at checkout or by contacting our team via email: [email protected]

Listings are refundable if a refund is applied for within 14 days of the purchase (defined as the date when your first payment is made), for all listings which have not yet been created. Once a listing is created or when a refund is requested after 14 days, funds are non-refundable.

Reasonable Use Policy
Clients have access to support for any changes or assistance with their listing. We may impose a reasonable use restriction on any client deemed to be over utilising the support offered.

Once purchased your listing will not expire until cancelled. Payments will be automatically charged annually to the card that we have on file.  In cases where your payment is declined or we otherwise cannot take payment, we reserve the right to suspend or delete your listing without notice.

Completion of the product listing is subject to the client submitting satisfactory product information and images.  We accept no liability for the quality of your product or services, for your failure to deliver on sales generated by the listing, or for the amount of business generated by the listing.

All messages and interactions between clients and The Christmas Lovers’ Club team can be accessed/viewed by The Christmas Lovers’ Club at our discretion.

For any complaints regarding your service or experience, please email [email protected] We aim to resolve any concerns and complaints within 6 weeks.

Once your product listing is complete, you can apply for Christmas Lovers’ Club awards for your product. Products are judged impartially and awards are not guaranteed.

All products should be posted to:
Awards department
16 Southernhay West

We are not responsible for any product’s safe arrival and if damaged upon arrival we may request further samples.

Items should be posted in their retail packaging where possible.

All products that receive an award are eligible for a free feature in our members’ magazine.

If your product receives an award, you will be eligible to receive a certificate as well as labels and logos for your website. Awards are given annually and the use of our logos, labels, and certificates should reflect this. A charge may apply for physical marketing collateral e.g. logos.

You agree that any Award, once given, can be revoked by the Club and can no longer be advertised once revoked.  Circumstances, where Awards could be revoked, may include issues such as misrepresentation of the product, or reasonable complaints about the product.  A decision to revoke an Award is final.


You may cancel your listing by notifying the Club via email to [email protected]  To avoid charges your cancellation notice must be received at least six weeks prior to your renewal date or it will be automatically renewed.   The Club reserves the right to terminate any listing at its absolute discretion, by refunding any outstanding unused time for your listing or listings and notifying you of the same.

On termination, you agree to remove all references to the Club from your marketing materials and website within 21 days.